Aircraft Services

Entrust your aircraft to us

Whether you are a leisure traveler or a business traveler, owning a private aircraft will eliminate waiting times and hassles typically associated with flying. However, owning a private aircraft comes with maintenance and the requirement for safe storage. Onward Aviation shelters and takes exceptional care of your aircraft, giving you peace of mind during your stay in Hamilton.

Hangarage (heated)

Your aircraft is no less of a guest than your crew. Onward Aviation has two heated, well-appointed hangarages where your private jet can safely rest while our technicians and engineers inspect it.

Our hangarages are spacious and well built to house an aircraft of any make or model, away from hostile weather conditions. The heated space is ready to receive and release your aircraft at any hour around the clock. We take security seriously, which is why our hangarages are under 24/7 camera surveillance, ensuring the safety of your aircraft during your stay in Hamilton.

World Fuel Services – Jet A and Jet A with additive

Onward Aviation partners with World Fuel Services to bring you award-winning-quality, reliable, and affordable Jet A fuel to keep you in the air until your reach your destination.

World Fuel Services hits every checkbox with its fuel supply; it is safe, reliable, clean, affordable, and sustainable. An array of high-end FBOs and airports trust World Fuel Services with the refueling of aircraft. At Onward Aviation, you have access to World Fuel Services’ reliable jet and aviation fuel supply and solutions to help maximize your efficiency.

Jet A fuel, being the most common type of fuel in Canada, can be used by any jet aircraft. Jet A fuel has a freezing point of -40 Celsius, making it suitable for long-haul flights, especially in the colder temperatures of Canada.

Based on your flight requirements, additives are available with Jet A fuel including static dissipater additives, and additional anti-freezes.

GPU service – both AC and DC

We have both AC and DC GPU services available to keep your aircraft’s battery from depleting while any systems are in use on the ground. At Onward Aviation, our ground crew will connect your aircraft to either a 120V AC or 28V DC power.

Fresh Water and Lavatory services

While on the ground, Onward Aviation will refill your aircraft’s potable water system with clean water as well as empty your waste water storage.

De-icing (Type 1 & Type 4) plus tactile inspections and manual brooms

Onward Aviation de-icing is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment. Our staff is rigorously trained and proficient in quality assurance and safety procedures. We will provide you with the safest and most effective de-icing services.

With Type 1 de-icing and manual brooming, we will guarantee the removal of all ice build-ups on your aircraft wings. We take extra steps to ensure that your wings are clean with no ice left with human visual and tactile inspections. With Type 4 de-icing fluids, you no longer have to worry about ice building up on your wings, making way for a safe flight through winter conditions.

Using advanced software and the experience of our well-trained crew, we minimize the spray of fluid on your aircraft’s wings, saving you money while benefiting the environment.

Oxygen, Nitrogen

Onward Aviation offers high-quality Oxygen and Nitrogen refilling service while your aircraft is on the ground.

Full Aircraft Line Maintenance

Being a full-service FBO, we offer light maintenance for your aircraft regardless of model or type. With great assurance for your safety, we take responsibility for every step and thoroughly rerun checks for every step of maintenance procedures.

Our line maintenance services include pre-flight checklists to ensure that your aircraft is fit to fly your planned route. Once we thoroughly run our checklists, our engineers and technicians will work together to troubleshoot and rectify any issues or possibilities for issues. This includes minor repairs and replacements that do not need your aircraft or its parts to be extensively disassembled.

We take fault identification involves several visual checks for obvious failures as well as in-depth examinations for confirmation that your aircraft is fit for your intended flight. We utilize our external test equipment to further guarantee the state and functions of vital components.

A/C grooming

The air cabin of your aircraft is where you spend the entire duration of your flight. We thoroughly clean and prepare the interior of your aircraft at Onward Aviation, to prepare it for your next flight.

Other amenities/services:

  • Aircraft stairs
  • Baggage carts