Catered to the Crew

We roll out the carpet for your crew!

With Onward Aviation, your crew will find themselves in good hands from the moment they step down from the aircraft. There is no shortage of amenities or facilities to make their stay at Hamilton a breeze instead of a burden. With the convenience of having everything in one place, we will save you the time and hassle of flight planning, transport, and finding a comfortable stay.

Flight Lounge

Breaking free from the unfavourable waiting time for and after your flight with Onward Aviation. We reinstate luxury in flying with our comfortable flight lounge with a direct ramp view. Spend your waiting hours in comfort when you choose Onward Aviation.

Flight Planning

Onward aviation ensures your well-being even after you depart; our flight planning services will save you fuel, time, and harsh weather. With us, you will always be taking the most efficient route on your next flight. Our high-end software and flight planning specialists are available around the clock to help you plan your trip to any destination around the world.

Our team of flight planning experts is available in-house for your convenience. We begin by inspecting NOTAMs for restrictions and availability of customs/immigration at every airport along your planned route. Upon discussing all your requirements for your next flight, we will be running multiple risk assessments to factor in your aircraft specifications and any limitations to guarantee your safe arrival at the planned destination. With us, you will only be taking the safest, most efficient route to your next destination.

Crew Transport

Eliminate the post-flight hassle of organizing transport for your crew entirely from your plan with Onward Aviation. We offer direct transportation services to your crew with no waiting time, to any booked hotel or location in the area.

Crew Rest

Our five-star standard of luxury expands to all our specially built rest and recreational spaces. Having everything you need close at hand, Onward Aviation goes the extra mile to make sure that any time spent at our crew facilities is worthwhile.

VIP Crew Services will cater to your crew’s every need while they find themselves perfectly at home with our crew rest facilities. We guarantee comfort for your crew in our spacious, cozy rooms. We have every amenity your crew desires during their stay. With comfortable full recliners, restrooms, hot water showers, air conditioning, WiFi, meals, and TVs your crew will be able to experience a true sense of relief between flights.

Our workspaces provide your crew with everything they need to carry out regular activities during their stay with us. With personal computers, desks, and access to high-speed internet, there will be no requirement to find an office space for your stay.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Tours

While you make yourself comfortable at our crew rest and plan your next flight with our flight planning specialists, spice up your stay with some added leisure time.

If you are staying with us for a while, plan a day trip with Onward Aviation! Adventure out into Canada’s rich aviation history with a special tour of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. There is no shortage of interesting facts and sights to behold!

Add to your list of things to do in Hamilton: visiting the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum which has a collection of almost 50 aircraft on display– many of which are still functional. However, you can do more than just look and admire these flying machines that date back all the way to World War II; you can buy a flight! There is something unique about flying in a World War II era military aircraft that simply cannot be recreated.